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I am a largely closeted crossdresser who has had the great pleasure of attending a few Xpressions pub nights wearing a dress and full makeup. I did this about four or five years ago. Then the pandemic, health issues and a death in the family preventing me from expressing my feminine side for the past few years. But today I was in a drug store and gave in to the overwhelming impulse to buy some eyeliner and pantyhose.

Many years ago I went out to nightclubs en femme, but stopped when I got married and raised kids. I am not as slim and pretty as I used to be, but if I do start going out again as I did a few years ago, I know it will bring back a lot of memories and some very good feelings.

Maybe I will see you all soon on a Wednesday at the Fox and Fiddle - as well buying makeup and hosiery, I just ordered a new blue dress!

Kendra Gerald

Kendra Gerald

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