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I've been connected to Xpressions since the early days. It was a revelation when I first started going public, and soon I couldn't have enough. But I was able to learn a lot of things, and found myself exploring the possibility of transitioning. I've explored the term 'bigendered', and other descriptions. Those days were more than half my life ago. i haven't kept up to all the dinners and weekends away, but I've always been interested in how the ladies here are doing.

I was able to start crossliving fulltime in 1995, and worked my way to get the all important lower surgery in 1999. After leaving the employer I transitioned with (amd took to the human rights office in Ottawa) I was able to get hired a half a dozen times or so, but I never regained the job security and position I once had. Today I'm on a disability pension due to a number of issues, none having anything to do with my lifestyle.

I've been lucky enough to have 'general approval' from my relatives... the big issues they have a hard time with is my inability to get a glamourous, well paying position that might also be 'helping people.'

I hope to re-establish some friendships with people in the group, relate similar experiences, and well, enrich my life.

Dawna Tracey-Armstrong

Dawna Tracey-Armstrong

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